Adapters for Raynox DCR lenses

For macro photography. A few adapters made from ideas on custom orders from a french photographer.

43mm mount adapter for Raynox DCR lenses

For using Raynox DCR lenses mounted on the front filter thread of a lens

For Raynox DCR lenses with 43mm mount thread.
Also available with a female filter thread in front for mounting the SY-1 rings for the Nikon SB-R200 macro flash.

43mm mount adapter for Raynox DCR lenses

The adapter have in front the female 43mm thread used on Raynox DCR lenses. The adapter is partially painted matt black on rear.

43mm to Filter Mount Adapter

Aluminum adapter with female thread in front for Nikon SY-1 ring

Contact for a custom adapter

Will let you know if it can be made.

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