EL-Nikkor 50mm f/4 enlarging lens with reverse adapter on a Nikon PB-5 Bellows

Reverse mount adapters for enlarging lenses

With M39 LTM, M42 or T2 mount

Now also available with Copal 0 front mount or Copal 1 front mount

Lapla lensboards for Durst enlargers Lapla lensboards for Durst enlargers

Lensboards for Durst enlargers

Available with 32mm x 0.75 thread for Zeiss S-Orthoplanar 60

Available with 53mm x 0.75 thread for EL-Nikkor 150mm 5.6

M39 LTM to M42 mount adapter for enlarger lenses

Adapters for enlarging lenses

RMS to M39 LTM mount adapter for microscope lenses

Adapters for microscope lenses

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All orders are shipped by registered mail.

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Will let you know if it can be made.